Location and Facilities      



The school is located atop a hill, ensconced in the lap of Western ghats, hardly a kilometre away from Kumily Town. Its picturesque beauty and surroundings natural panorama refreshes and recharges the mind. 

Computer Lab

The school has got well-furnished class rooms, well equipped laboratories for all branches of science, a library with mind-boggling collection of books on all subjects, academic and non-academic, and ample space for all co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

A spacious and accommodating autitorium with necessary facilities for various cultural and curricular activities is an added attraction.  The school has got a well maintained fleet of four buses to four different destinations for ease of conveyance of the children from far-lying areas.

The school also has a well maintained fleet of buses for ease of conveyance for the children from far lying areas. 

Science  Labs

A well-equipped Physics and Chemistry Labs are arranged to facilitate the students to gain the maximum during their study period here at Amalambika.

Extra and Co-curricular Activities

The school privides its future stars with and enchanting variety of co-curricular activities. Carnatic music, Western Music, instruments like guitar, harmonium, and keyboard, arts like painting and drawing, classical and western dance, crafts like sewing, knitting, and needle work, and sports and games like volley-ball, basket ball, roller skating, Yoga, and martial art of Kung-Fu can be chosen from.

Kids world

Bearing in mind, the difficulties of parents face when first sending their child to school and to ease their burden, Amalambika has started "Kids World", a play school for pre KG tiny tots.

Our aim here is to bring the child to like and love the environment at school, enabling them a smooth transition when ready for the KG. classes.

We give the children all love, care and parent-like attention, making them feel at home. Social behaviour and communicative skills are inculcated in the psyche of the child through various games and activities.